[Mailman-Users] weird archive "thread" view

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 16 18:00:57 CET 2009

IEM - network operating center (IOhannes m zmoelnig) wrote:
>a user of one of my mailinglists noted that the thread-view of my 
>mailing-list archives has become weird in the last months: basically new 
>threads are sometimes subthreads of unrelated threads.
>while there is always the chance, that users will just hijack a thread, 
>i am pretty sure that this did not happen in various other cases (i 
>looked at the headers of the mails coming in through the list, and they 
>did not refer to any other mails)

Look at the messages in archives/private/pd-list.mbox/pd-list.mbox. The
archives are threaded by message-id in References: and/or In-Reply-To:

If messages are threaded without one of those headers referencing a
prior message in the thread, then there is a problem with pipermail,
but if the header is there, it is a problem with the user or the
user's MUA.

>and, btw, is there a reason why the max thread-depth seems to be 4?

It's only the display depth that's limited to 4 to keep the page from
growing too wide.

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