[Mailman-Users] mmarch mbox-splitting weird...

IEM - network operating center (IOhannes m zmoelnig) noc at iem.at
Tue Mar 17 10:42:25 CET 2009

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> You need to first clean your .mbox files with Mailman's bin/cleanarch
> or some other process to escape the "From " lines that aren't message
> separators.

ah thanks, that will hopefully do the trick.

however, this leaves me with one remaining problem:
rebuilding the archives will rename several tenthousands of emails.
while our archives do have a search functionality, this will still break 
links to most archived emails.

how would i rebuild only the last month of an archive?

and: is there a way to rebuld an archive in a "sandbox"; that is: can i 
somehow specify the destination directory of the archive-building 
process? (so i can rebuild the entire archive till it fits my needs and 
only then swap it with the current one)


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