[Mailman-Users] Can't show received mail on Mailman Archives

Daniel.Li lida_mail at 163.com
Tue Mar 17 12:00:02 CET 2009

On Mon, 2009-03-16 at 09:11 -0700, Mark Sapiro wrote: 
> Daniel.Li wrote:
> >
> >I'm using Postfix Mail Server 2.5.1 now.
> >I use webmin to check mailman account, and found that all mails, I have
> >sent before, are in the mailbox, which was NOT piped to Mailman.
> You need aliases for your MTA of the form
> LIST:  "|/path/to/mailman/mail/mailman post LIST"
> LIST-bounces:  "|/path/to/mailman/mail/mailman bounces LIST"
> etc.
> for each list.
> With Postfix, see <http://www.list.org/mailman-install/node13.html> for
> information on setting this up for automatic generation of aliases.

Yes Sir. That's the root cause for my problem. 
After configured properly, it works :) 
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