[Mailman-Users] Incoming mail No

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Wed Mar 18 20:04:58 CET 2009

On 03/18/09 13:24, Tim Ferguson wrote:
> When I attempt to send a post to mailman, my GroupWise (8) GWIA sends 
> me an e-mail that completion of the e-mail has been delayed because 
> the  server (Linux) is down, which it isn't.  This message repeats 
> about every fifteen minutes or so.

Hum.  This makes me believe that GWIA is not able to route email to the 
MTA, Postfix (guessing based on previous post), running on the Linux host.

What (sub)domain are you using for your Mailman mailing lists?  I.e. are 
your mailing lists part of your ccs135.com domain as in 
mailing_list at ccs135.com or are they part of a sub-domain as in 
mailing_list at sub_domain.ccs135.com?

If you are using a sub-domain, do you have GWIA configured to route said 
sub domain to your Linux host?

> Since I've not worked with a Linux mail server before, what is the 
> procedure, what software do I need, to send and receive e-mail using 
> the Linux server as a regular user just to make sure mail is coming 
> and going or to see where it might be hanging up?  For install, will 
> Thunderbird work, and, if so, how does it need to be configured?  I 
> realize this is very elementary, but it isn't cooperating like 
> Novell's GroupWise or Microsoft's Exchange server.

To start with, make sure that root on the Linux host can send it's self 
mail.  I typically do something like

    'ls' | mail -s "Testing..." root

Note the single quotes around ls to turn off all formatting that may 
mess with the email.

If that does work, try the same type of thing but sending the email to 
an address on the box with the full domain name on it.  I.e.

    'ls' | mail -s "Testing..." root at example.net

If that works, try sending the email to somewhere non local to the system.

These all check "sending" of email, thus testing to make sure that your 
MTA is installed, functional, and running.  If the above tests pass, 
then your problem likely is with routing email back in to the system.

If you can, please give more details about your install as they will 
help in further diagnosing what is going on.

Grant. . . .

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