[Mailman-Users] Incoming Mail No

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Mar 19 04:49:18 CET 2009

Tim Ferguson writes:

 > This is the message I continue to receive when trying to send a
 > post to the list.....

 > The message that you sent has been delayed.
 > The reason given for the delay:
 > 450 Host down (hearye.ccs135.com)

This looks highly unlikely to be a Mailman problem, nor an MTA
problem.  If Mailman were broken, the post would bounce back ("no such
mailbox" or the like) or just disappear (and you would eventually find
it in Mailman's queue).

If the MTA were down, you'd get "connection refused".  If it were
broken, the post would just disappear, to be found in the MTA's queue.

Start by checking for a network problem.  Is the host plugged in to
the network?  Is its IP address the one that DNS assigns to hearye?
Is that interface "up"?  Is there a route from the GroupWise host to
the Linux host?  Is it correct?  What about firewalls?  Many
organizations have firewalls that filter port 25 to all but a few
registered MXes.

BTW, this is not the place to get additional help until you have
confirmed that Mailman is visible to the world outside of the Linux
host.  For general network problems and Linux advice, I strongly
recommend getting in touch with your local Linux Users Group (or Unix
or *BSD Users Group).  LUG members are by and large happy to provide
concrete advice, and (if your organization permits) even free hands-on
diagnosis at off hours (well, not quite free, usual fee is pizza and
beer ;-).

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