[Mailman-Users] Incoming Mail No

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Wed Mar 18 05:34:50 CET 2009

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> If the MTA were down, you'd get "connection refused".  If it were 
> broken, the post would just disappear, to be found in the MTA's 
> queue.

After sending some emails back and forth with the OP, including some
from the Linux / Mailman host in question, I believe the problem to be a
mis-configuration with the OP's MTA.

It appears (according to headers) as if the OP is using fetchmail to
pull messages out of a POP3 mail box on the GroupWise system and then
injecting them via SMTP to the Linux / Mailman host.  Postfix is then
performing some expansion and messing up the delivery (hence the
bounce(s) that I have received) and bouncing messages.

As such I can be sure that Postfix is running on the Linux / Mailman
host and that it knows how to send messages out to the world.

I can also be sure that based on the contents of the DSN

   <mailman at localhost.ccs135.com> (expanded from <mailman at localhost>)

That something, likely Postfix, is not configured properly on the Linux
/ Maiman host.

> Start by checking for a network problem.  Is the host plugged in to 
> the network?  Is its IP address the one that DNS assigns to hearye? 
>  Is that interface "up"?  Is there a route from the GroupWise host to 
> the Linux host?  Is it correct?  What about firewalls?  Many 
> organizations have firewalls that filter port 25 to all but a few 
> registered MXes.

There may or may not be a firewall between the Linux / Mailman host, but
seeing as how the OP is using fetchmail to retrieve messages from
GroupWise, it does not really matter if the world can reach the Linux /
Mailman host in question or not.

Though, for email to function, there really does need to be an email
server that is willing to accept email for the addresses that the Linux
/ Mailman host is sending out as.  In this case, GroupWise is doing just

> BTW, this is not the place to get additional help until you have 
> confirmed that Mailman is visible to the world outside of the Linux 
> host.  For general network problems and Linux advice, I strongly 
> recommend getting in touch with your local Linux Users Group (or Unix 
> or *BSD Users Group).  LUG members are by and large happy to provide 
> concrete advice, and (if your organization permits) even free 
> hands-on diagnosis at off hours (well, not quite free, usual fee is 
> pizza and beer ;-).


Grant. . . .

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