[Mailman-Users] Hosted mail vs Mailman

Brian Carpenter brian at emwd.com
Fri Mar 20 16:50:35 CET 2009

> Please forgive my very basic noob question.  I just want to be sure I
> understand this correctly.
> I have an email address with an email provider on a completely separate
> host and system.
> I want to use Mailman with this address.  Does Mailman, in essence, act
> as a email client, receiving an email just like any other client
> (Thunderbird, Mutt, etc.) would, act appropriately on it and send out
> the response to a generated list?
> Therefore, I could have Mailman run on a separate web host or whatever,
> and it would use the email address just fine?
> With my email service, I can create email boxes and that is about it.
> I can't do anything else on the server side.
> With my webhosting service, I can do pretty much anything web accessed,
> but I cannot run an email server.
> Thanks for your patience with the new guy.
> Michael
> ------------------------------------------------------

Hi Michael:

Mailman requires a unique host name and the list address, which is an e-mail
address that is used by Mailman, uses this unique host name. So you cannot
use domainexample.com for e-mail on one server and mailman on another
server. However you can use a sub-domain with mailman such as
list.domainexample.com and have your hosting provider or domain registrant
create an A record for the sub-domain and point it to the mailman server. We
do this all the time for our own mailman clients.

You might want to check our mailman services out at
http://emwd.com/mailman.html if you are interested in this type of setup.

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