[Mailman-Users] Changing the "<listname>-bounces" address

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 23 02:02:16 CET 2009

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>Mark Sapiro writes:
> > For Mailman 2.2, I am considering changing the Sender: header from the
> > LIST-bounces address to the LIST posting address.
>IMO the list-post address is semantically inappropriate.  The sender
>header is the mailbox of the agent that injected the message and
>presumably would want to know about problems.  That's not the list

That's a good point, even though current RFCs (RFC3464, RFC3834) say
that DSNs and and other automatic responses should go to the envelope
sender of the original message, not the Sender: address.

>I think a better idea is to use a less geeky name like LIST-admin for
>the bounce recipient.  That's already taken, you might say, but in
>fact I think it works.  This has several advantages IMO:

Actually, in Mailman 2.1.x, LIST-admin is a deprecated synonym for
LIST-bounces so we could just put LIST-admin in the Sender: header
(and "undeprecate" it) and nothing would change except

>3.  On broken MUAs it reads correctly: "From LIST-admin at example.com on
>    behalf of author at net.invalid".

I'm not sure I understand the following:

>4.  Recipients whose MUAs CC the sender can be automatically disabled,
>    too!  (Maybe that's not a great idea for corporate MLs where
>    people are using Blackberrys and other such common offenders, but
>    I often wish I could!)

Presumably, a CCd post would not be recognizable as a DSN, so whether
it was sent to LIST-admin, LIST-bounces or LIST-owner, it would end up
going to the human owners/moderators at least if
bounce_unrecognized_goes_to_list_owner is Yes.

However, if the Sender: were VERP like as in
LIST-admin+rcpt=example.net at list.example.com, the return could be
recognized, but I think that defeats the purpose of having a non-geeky

If the issue would truly be resolved or at least mitigated by having
the Sender: be LIST-admin at list.example.com instead of
LIST-bounces at list.example.com, that's a really easy change that
wouldn't have any unintended side effects.

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