[Mailman-Users] Changing the "<listname>-bounces" address

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Mar 23 08:39:01 CET 2009

Mark Sapiro writes:

 > That's a good point, even though current RFCs (RFC3464, RFC3834) say
 > that DSNs and and other automatic responses should go to the envelope
 > sender of the original message, not the Sender: address.

Of course, but that's a side issue.  Sender is an originator, list
post refers to the recipients.

 > I'm not sure I understand the following:
 > >4.  Recipients whose MUAs CC the sender can be automatically disabled,
 > >    too!

It's a bad joke, just ignore it.

 > If the issue would truly be resolved or at least mitigated by having
 > the Sender: be LIST-admin at list.example.com instead of
 > LIST-bounces at list.example.com, that's a really easy change that
 > wouldn't have any unintended side effects.

I think PHBs would definitely be more comfortable with that than with
the "-bounces" variant.  But I agree with Brad that *any* change can
break things in mail, because it's all visible to and usable by
Spamassassin and Procmail among others.

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