[Mailman-Users] adding a list to a virtual domain

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 23 15:44:18 CET 2009

David Newman wrote:
>I didn't have these two lines:
>but adding them and restarting apache and mailman, deleting and
>recreating the list didn't resolve the original error.

That won't help if your representation of what you have is accurate.
You show

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mydomain.tld'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'mydomain.tld'
add_virtualhost('mydomain.tld', 'mail.mydomain.tld')

make that

DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'mydomain.tld'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'mydomain.tld'

You now have a VIRTUAL_HOSTS dictionary with one entry with both key
and value = 'mydomain.tld'. Then

add_virtualhost('mydomain.tld', 'mail.mydomain.tld')

replaces that entry with one with key 'mydomain.tld' and value
'mail.mydomain.tld'. Every virtual host has to have a unique web host
because that's the key to look up the corresponding email host.

Also, if your list has email host 'mail.mydomain.tld', no
virtual-mailman entries will be created for it because


says only create virtual-mailman entries for lists with email host

>You mentioned you'd need more info -- what else do you need?

I need to know the web and email domains for all the domains that have
lists - not necessarily the real domain names, but some representation
of them. I need to know which of these are virtual domains to Postfix.

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