[Mailman-Users] Monthly notice sender

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri May 8 01:28:06 CEST 2009

Charles Gregory wrote:
>A few times each month I get an e-mail from someone requesting something 
>as simple as 'please unsubscribe me' sent to 'mailman-owner' rather than 
>to the owner of the list to which they are subscribed. It's fairly obvious 
>that they are finding the 'monthly reminder' e-mail and just hitting 
>'reply' in their mail client.

And they clearly aren't actually reading that mail since it tells them
to follow the included 'options' link to unsubscribe.

>I understand how/why one mailing covers all possible lists/subscriptions,
>but I have to wonder if there could be a way to have a notice mailed for 
>each list, with the appropriate list owner as return address?

I for one would not like to receive 11 separate reminders for my 11
python.org list subscriptions.

>Or perhaps, 
>on that single mailing for all lists, have some sort of generic 
>non-deliverable sender/reply address, so that people can't just 
>hit the reply button?

And what do you suggest that address should be? And given that the user
doesn't actually read the reminder, how do we explain to the user to
ignore the bounce that occurs when (s)he replies?

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