[Mailman-Users] How to unshunt?

Stefan Förster cite+mailman-users at incertum.net
Tue May 26 22:00:46 CEST 2009

* Ulf Dunkel <dunkel at calamus.net> wrote:
>> On Unix, for various reasons, the current directory is normally *not*
>> in the search path for commands.  You need to prefix the command name
>> with the directory name (for current directory, you can abbreviate
>> that to "./") like this:
>> calamus:/var/lib/mailman/bin# ./unshunt <options and identifiers>
> Cool - thank you for pointing me to this. Works fine. I just wonder why
> various other executables in the mailman/bin folder are executed without

This is getting way offtopic, but a quick

type command

follwed if needed by

ls -l $(which command)

where "command" is one of the binaries you can execute (i.e. without a
leading "./" in mailman/bin) will probably enlighten you :-)

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