[Mailman-Users] New list bounces postings, cannot post

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sun Nov 1 06:43:59 CET 2009

Thomas Gramstad writes:

 > > The message is an uncaught bounce notification. This says either the
 > > list posts are being sent to
 > > stoppdld-bounces at mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no (or possibly
 > > stoppdld-admin at mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no) instead of to

 > The name of this list is
 > stoppdld-admin at mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no, in other words,
 > "admin" is a part of the list name. Is that a problem? Is "-admin"
 > a reserved suffix?

Yes.  It's a backward-compatibility alias for -bounces IIRC.

I think all you need to do is find the alias that was created for the
stoppdld list, remove it, and rebuild your aliases.

I'm on a list which like yours want both LIST and LIST-admin lists,
and has had that configuration without trouble for some years.  If you
can't resolve the problem I can ask the admins how they have managed

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