[Mailman-Users] New list bounces postings, cannot post

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Nov 1 15:23:45 CET 2009

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>Thomas Gramstad writes:
> > > The message is an uncaught bounce notification. This says either the
> > > list posts are being sent to
> > > stoppdld-bounces at mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no (or possibly
> > > stoppdld-admin at mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no) instead of to
> > The name of this list is
> > stoppdld-admin at mailman.kunnskapsallmenning.no, in other words,
> > "admin" is a part of the list name. Is that a problem? Is "-admin"
> > a reserved suffix?
>Yes.  It's a backward-compatibility alias for -bounces IIRC.
>I think all you need to do is find the alias that was created for the
>stoppdld list, remove it, and rebuild your aliases.

Yes. As Stephen says, assuming your MTA uses aliases, if you just
remove the one unnecessary stoppdld-admin alias from the stoppdld list
aliases, you should be fine.

Alternatively, depending on the MTA, just reordering the aliases may
help. I.e. move whichever list's aliases now come first to a point in
the file after the others.

If you use an MTA like Exim or other process that delivers mail
programatically without aliases, just remove the -admin suffix from
its list. It's only for backwards compatibility with 2.0 for bounce
processing and isn't needed.

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