[Mailman-Users] regexp help

Savoy, Jim savoy at uleth.ca
Wed Nov 4 00:24:07 CET 2009

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>Did you put 'Foo' back in the GLOBAL_PIPELINE prior to 'Moderate' and
restart Mailman?

I did.

>What happens when you mail to test.account? Is the mail rejected by
Mailman? Does the To: header in the mail in the reject notice contain

Yes, it is rejected. And the To: header does not come from test.account
but rather from the actual sender. Inside of what looks like an Exchange
attachment, I can see the full original message, with the To: header
displaying test.account. So it looks like the Exchange server may be
wrapping up the original message and obscuring the headers.

>Since that regexp 'test.account' is not anchored and is searched for by
the re.search() method, it means if the string 'test' in any
combination of upper/lower case followed by any single character (the
. matches any character) followed by the string 'account' in any
combination of upper/lower case is in the To: header, it will match.

OK - that's close enough for me. I don't really need to be that specific
anyway because my test.account (not the real name of the account) is
a unique and unusual name.

I have just received word from the owners of this list that they no
care about me doing this (they have just opened the list up to anyone)
so I probably won't spend too much more time on it now, especially if
the Exchange server (which I don't have access to) is obscuring the
headers from Mailman. Since we have exim as a front-end to Mailman, I
probably just do some sort of a re-write in there instead.

But thanks anyway. It was an interesting foray into Python for me!

 - jim -

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