[Mailman-Users] Moving my Mailman list

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Mon Nov 9 15:44:37 CET 2009

On Sun, 8 Nov 2009, TG Platt - WW Publ wrote:

> 1. Can someone tell me if my hunch about not being able to move to a new
> server and back without access to the mailman command line utils is right?

hmm.  I had to do this recently, and as long as the hostname and Email 
domain is the same, I think you might be able to do this.  But I wouldn't 
sware to it.  At any rate, there's a FAQ entry about this in the FAQ on 
the Wiki.

> 4. Did I overlook something? Is there some way to set up mailman during my
> server rebuild so that multiple domains can be supported under a single
> instance of mailman WITHOUT forcing all lists to use the same hosting domain
> name?

You can do this as long as you avoid having lists with the same name.  So 
you can have foo at foo.com and bar at bar.com but not bar at foo.com *as well* as 
bar at bar.com.

If you want to avoid name collisions, you pretty much have to use separate 
installs per domain, and also you need to do some playing around to make 
sure that the mail is delivered to the right domain.  See the thread at 
for what I ended up doing in order to achieve this.


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