[Mailman-Users] How to monitor mailman transaction

Hien HUYNH HUU hien.hh at sbsc.com.vn
Thu Nov 12 04:33:26 CET 2009

I checked mailman's logs and MTA's logs ,  but It can't said exactly how many mails transferred between mail server and mailman at a point time. 
Have you got any idea ?

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Hien HUYNH HUU wrote:
> Dear all, How can we monitor mailman transaction with Mail Server ? It
> means how could we know that how many email are delivered from mailman to
> mail server at a time point ? I check qfile/out but It didn't show
> exactly .

You can either look at mailman's logs, at the MTA's logs, or watch the
connection with something like wireshark/ethereal.


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