[Mailman-Users] buildup of "attachment" files...

Troy Campbell troy.campbell at fedex.com
Tue Nov 17 01:44:09 CET 2009

On one mailing list I'm seeing alot of attachment files building up
in the "archive" directory:

# pwd
# ls listname*
attachments  index.html


Looking down a couple directory levels in "attachements":
# pwd
# file *
attachment.obj: gzip compressed data, was "ErrorReport.21234.txt", from 
Unix, last modified: Mon Nov 16 11:03:59 2009
[root at albers 4763b4e9]# ls

Basically there are many directories in the "attachments"
directory that go from "20070808" to "20091116".

I'm running 2.1.9.  I just need to know how to cleanup and turnoff
if possible.


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