[Mailman-Users] Mailman - a few questions

Bill Catambay andale at excaliburworld.com
Wed Nov 18 02:50:05 CET 2009

At 12:21 PM -0500 on 8/15/09, Shop at \" Just Brits \" wrote:

>So IMHO Bill needs to tell The List not only the version of MM BUT 
>the source of
>install so that everybody is "playing with a FULL deck of cards". 
>Right-:) ???

I don't remember if I answered this question before or not, but just 
to cover all the bases:

lists.sonic.net is running Mailman v2.1.11

An overview of Mailman on this server can be found at:

I'm also posting a note to mailman at lists.sonic.net to find out about 
the source.


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