[Mailman-Users] Feature request: Emergency Broadcast

Bill Catambay andale at excaliburworld.com
Mon Nov 23 10:41:23 CET 2009

1. Mailman aliases not working (like in my case)
2. Unable to access my email, but have access to web (which is common 
for those of us behind corporate firewalls)
3. My email is broken, but my internet it still working

However, even with these reasons, I wouldn't consider it a big deal, 
especially if it's difficult to implement.  After my list is working 
again, I'll probably forget all about it.  :)

At 5:48 PM +0900 on 11/23/09, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>Gadi Evron writes:
>  > crappy providers aside, do you think this might be a useful
>  > feature?
>I think that, as Mark alludes to, this feature would be harder to
>implement usefully than you'd think.  It sounds easy, but remember, in
>a very large share cases where it would be useful *your mail system is
>already broken*.  A trivial example: most of the cases where I've
>wanted something like it, the host was crashed, and simply not
>available.  In other cases, it seems that Mailman is for some reason
>unable to send mail; why would it be more able to send mail received
>via HTTP than mail received by SMTP?

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