[Mailman-Users] HTML messages not passed, content filtering settings ignored

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Nov 27 16:23:45 CET 2009

Christian Stalberg wrote:
>   In looking at the output I may see the problem. I have been running
>   Mailman and upgraded versions and moved Mailman from one server to
>   another for years. Look at this output from my list wherein I see
>   values like 'False' where the legals values are supposed to be either
>   yes or no:
>   # When you scrub attachments, they are stored in archive area and links
>   # are made in the message so that the member can access via web
>   browser.
>   # If you want the attachments totally disappear, you can use content
>   # filter options.
>   #
>   # legal values are:
>   #    0 = "No"
>   #    1 = "Yes"
>   scrub_nondigest = False
>   could this be the problem where an upgrade was not done properly where
>   I have an old, out of date 'config' file whose values are unrecognized
>   or ?

This is not a problem. config_list says legal values are 0 and 1 for
False/True settings to accommodate older Pythons that didn't define
False and True, but False and True for these is actually fine.

Besides, if your issue were due to scrub_nondigest being True, you
could tell as the HTML wouldn't just disappear, it would be replaced
by a stanza saying "an HTML attachment has been scrubbed" with a link
to wher the HTML was stored.

Do the messages from the list contain a

X-Content-Filtered-By: Mailman/MimeDel 2.1.x

header? If not, Mailman's content filtering hasn't changed them.

What is the exact MIME structure of an HTML message to the list and of
the message received from the list?

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