[Mailman-Users] Virtual domain support

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Wed Oct 7 21:42:14 CEST 2009

Geoff Shang wrote:
> This would appear to be the sticking point.  The aliases file doesn't 
> generate fully-qualified Email addresses, only local parts.  How do I 
> ensure that a message to announce at foo.com doesn't go to 
> announce at bar.org? This must be doable, because if it's not, then this 
> defeats the whole point of doing this in the first place.
> Presumably I need to do this in postfix/main.cf somehow but I'm at a 
> loss as to how to do this.
    Not sure if this will help you or not, but I'll share anywhere ...

    I have a multi setup for mailman to host multiple domains.  All my 
list domains are configured as 'lists.$domain', for example 
'lists.yeehaw.net'.  My mailman installations all go under 

    I don't know how this is done in postfix, but in sendmail I have the 

    =====> /etc/mail/aliases/$domain-aliases
    mailman-lists.$domain           \
        "|/home/mailman/lists.$domain/mail/$domain-mailman post mailman"
    mailman-admin-lists.$domain:    \
        "|/home/mailman/lists.$domain/mail/$domain-mailman admin mailman"
    mailman-bounces-lists.$domain:  \
        "|/home/mailman/lists.$domain/mail/$domain-mailman bounces mailman"
    mailman-confirm-lists.$domain:  \
        "|/home/mailman/lists.$domain/mail/$domain-mailman confirm mailman"

    =====> /etc/mail/virtusertable
    mailman at lists.$domain              mailman-lists.$domain
    mailman-admin at lists.$domain        mailman-admin-lists.$domain
    mailman-bounces at lists.$domain      mailman-bounces-lists.$domain
    mailman-confirm at lists.$domain      mailman-confirm-lists.$domain

    This ensures that an incoming e-mail to say for example 
'mailman-admin at lists.$domain' gets rerouted to 
'mailman-admin-lists.$domain' which the alias then expands in to
'"|/home/mailman/lists.$domain/mail/$domain-mailman admin mailman"'

    This allows one to have various mailman@'various domains' going to 
the same server through the same MTA without it going nutso.

    Now you may be wondering why I renamed the 'mailman' binary to 
'$domain-mailman'.  That's because of permissions within sendmail.  Any 
binary that is going to be sending stuff out needs to be allowed by 
sendmail, and since I have multiple installations of mailman, in 
different paths, you can't just tell sendmail it's called 'mailman'.  It 
will get utterly confused when the various lists are trying to send 
something out.  So, by renaming each one to their respective $domain, it 
keeps sendmail from going bonkers.

    In my /usr/adm/sm.bin/ I have various symlinks to $domain-mailman 
which link back to /home/mailman/lists-$domain/mail/$domain-mailman


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