[Mailman-Users] mailmanctl fails to start runners

Ian Kaufman ikaufman at eng.ucsd.edu
Tue Oct 6 20:36:37 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I am having trouble getting my mailman instance to run. It was working for
but I had to move some files around and add a new disk to the system, and
it refuses to start. The error I see is:

Starting mailman: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/bin/mailmanctl", line 607, in ?
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/bin/mailmanctl", line 449, in main
    lock = acquire_lock(force)
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/bin/mailmanctl", line 263, in acquire_lock
    lock = acquire_lock_1(force)
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/bin/mailmanctl", line 248, in acquire_lock_1
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/LockFile.py", line 243, in lock
  File "/usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/LockFile.py", line 422, in __write
    fp = open(self.__tmpfname, 'w')
IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied:
Exception exceptions.OSError: <exceptions.OSError instance at 0xb7b01eec> in
Exception exceptions.OSError: <exceptions.OSError instance at 0xb7b01ecc>
in                                    [FAILED]

It appears that mailmanctl tries to create the lockfile, but does not, as
there is nothing
in /var/lock/mailman. I have run check_perms and there were no errors.

Any thoughts?



Ian Kaufman
Research Systems Administrator
UC San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering ikaufman AT ucsd DOT edu

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