[Mailman-Users] regexp help

Savoy, Jim savoy at uleth.ca
Wed Oct 21 22:47:09 CEST 2009

>Jim, try
from: .*@(?!.*uleth.ca)

The 'anything before the @ sign' is obvious, but the '?!.*' is to test 
for possible machine names, in case they're there.

Nope. That failed. I added a "\n" to the front of this and that failed
as well. I didn't think I would have to make any accommodations for the
"machine names" though because I have given this account a very unique
name, so my goal here is just to accept the mail if that unique.name is
found in any header at all. This is why I was sure that:


would be good enough. But it was not. I probably don't really understand
what this filter is looking for though...

 - jim -

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