[Mailman-Users] phantom bounces

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Oct 22 03:58:34 CEST 2009

Michael Shulman wrote:
>I am having a strange problem.  One of my users is repeatedly being
>automatically unsubscribed from a mailing list, supposedly due to the
>receipt of too many bounces from his (working) email address.  The list
>is configured to notify me when bounces trigger a disabling or
>unsubscription, but I didn't receive any such notification.  I see in
>the "bounce" log a record of many received bounces from his address,
>although most of the time there was no email sent to the list at that
>time to produce a bounce.  Moreover, when I configured my mail software
>to forward me a copy of everything sent to listname-bounces, I didn't
>receive any bounces from his address.

Does the bounce log have the 'disabling due to bounce score' and
'deleted after exhausting notices' messages for this user?

It is possible for someone to craft bounce messages for a particular
address and send them to the list-bounces address. Check your MTA logs
for the 15 minute intervals prior to the 'current bounce score:' and
'already scored a bounce for date' to see where these bounce messages
come from.

>Is there a way to configure mailman to keep a copy of all the bounce
>messages it receives somewhere, so that I can inspect them?

Not with any kind of configuration option. You could set the
listname-bounces alias in the MTA (if the MTA uses aliases) to deliver
to an address or a mailbox instead of or in addition to piping to the

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