[Mailman-Users] Can't post with thunderbird

Johannes Wienke languitar at semipol.de
Sun Oct 25 19:33:41 CET 2009


I got a strange problem with a mailman mailing list hosted at kde.org. 
I'm registered at that list and also got access to the admin interface. 
The problem is that if I post a message with thunderbird it gets into 
the archive but isn't delivered to the subscribers of the list, 
including myself. This is independent of the smtp server or account I 
use for that list. If I post a message with any other mail client (gmx 
web interface, kmail) everything works as expected.

Has anyone got an idea what could cause this problem? The admins of that 
list don't have a clue either.

Here is the mail source code as it is sent by thunderbird:

Message-ID: <xxxxxx at gmx.de>
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 15:54:01 +0200
From: Johannes Wienke <xxxxxx at gmx.de>
User-Agent: Thunderbird (X11/20090817)
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: digiKam developers room - digiKam: Manage your photographs as a 
professional with the power of open source <digikam-devel at kde.org>
Subject: Magic Numbers
X-Enigmail-Version: 0.95.6
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; format=flowed
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit


<more email contents>

I already deactivated enigmail, switched to encoding us-ascii, removed 
format=flowed... Nothing helped.

Thanks for any help in advance,

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