[Mailman-Users] Is There a Hack to Add Author Confirmation of Messages?

Conrad Richter tibet at richters.org
Tue Oct 27 17:47:40 CET 2009

[Sorry if this post appears twice.  My original post sent yesterday
still does not seem to have made it to the list.]

I need to move a LISTSERV list to a new listserver. The main hurdle to
moving to Mailman is the fact that Mailman lacks the ability for authors
to confirm their own messages.  The principle is similar to the way
Mailman confirms new subscribers, with a web-based message confirmation
link emailed to the subscriber. Is there a hack somewhere for adding
this confirmation feature for messages?  The fact that Mailman already
has an email confirmation ability for subscriptions built-in suggests to
me that someone, somewhere has figured out a way to use that facility
for message confirmation.

For those who are interested, we implemented message confirmation on the
LISTSERV list as a security measure. We did not want to use moderation
because that tends to slow down the discussions and the dissemination of
urgent information. But at the same time we wanted a way to prevent
non-members from spoofing a list member and getting their offensive
postings out to the list. The list is an invitation only list, so once a
member is on the list, they are trusted enough to post freely to the list

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