[Mailman-Users] Seeking Assistance with CGI Script Error

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Sep 2 03:10:48 CEST 2009

Molly Burns writes:

 > The text (including the link that doesn't work) in the reminder e-mail looks
 > like this:
 > pacdmembers at pacd.org
 > http://pacd.org/mailman/options/pacdmembers_pacd.org/mollyburns%40pacd.org

This setup is not supported by "official" Mailman, which expects one
domain name per server.  Probably you are using Mailman as altered by
cPanel, Plesk, or some other virtual hosting product.

Look up "cPanel" in the FAQ.

 > I have tried to get help from our host, but he doesn't seem to know
 > anything more about the system than I do, so I am seeking
 > assistance from those who may have more knowledge about the system
 > and why it is creating links to the wrong location.

It's improperly configured at a more fundamental level than the list,
or perhaps the software is actually buggy, and you can't change it
yourself without root (ie, system admin) privileges on the host.
However, this link configuration is not done by Mailman as we
distribute it, it's done by the parts that were changed by the vendor
of your host's software.

There are a large number of hosts who manage to configure this
correctly; you may want to change hosts rather the go through the
rather frustrating experience of trying to teach someone who only
wants you to stop complaining (if your host cared about giving good
service, he would be getting in touch with us and with his vendor).

If you have reason to stay with this host, push him hard to talk to
his vendor (first!) and maybe to us about fixing the configuration.
He has to do it; you almost certainly can't.

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