[Mailman-Users] Subscriber can no longer send to a list she isamember of

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Sep 17 23:10:40 CEST 2009

Chris Barnes wrote:

>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Does she receive any response or 'undeliverable' notice?
>No.  She gets no feedback whatsoever.
>> What's in the MTA logs for her messages?
>Do you mean this:
>Sep 17 13:11:55 vmmail postfix/local[25055]: D10C7303DA:
>     to=<faculty at physics.tamu.edu>, relay=local, delay=3.6,
>     delays=0.04/0/0/3.5, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to
>     command: /usr/bin/procmail -a faculty /etc/procmailrc.mm)
>I do see this almost directly below the above:
>Sep 17 13:11:57 vmmail postfix/qmgr[2541]: E6030303DA:
>     from=<faculty-bounces at physics.tamu.edu>, size=18356, nrcpt=85
>    (queue active)
>> Is she sending to the list-bounces address?
>No.  She's sending to the list at host address.
>More specifically ....
>Mark Sapiro wrote:
> > Does she receive a response or non-delivery notice?
> > What's in the MTA logs for her messages?
> > I would look in MTA logs first to see if her messages are arriving and
> > where/how they are being delivered.
>She is sending email to a list named "announce".  Announce has as 
>subscribers 3 other lists named "faculty", "graduates", & "staff".
>When she sends the message, it IS being delivered to the graduates and 
>staff lists - but not the faculty list.
>Note that other people who email the announce list have their messages 
>successfully delivered to all 3 lists.

It looks like the first postfix message above is the delivery from the
announce list to the faculty list, but I can't be sure without seeing,
e.g., the result of

  grep D10C7303DA /var/log/maillog

(or whatever the system maillog is). This is being delivered to
procmail, and apparently gets delivered eventually to the 'faculty'
list which in turn sends to 85 recipients. Does this get delivered?
What are the other log messages for postfix queue ID E6030303DA?

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