[Mailman-Users] List-creation Owner E-mail Address

Barry Finkel b19141 at achilles.ctd.anl.gov
Sun Sep 27 20:36:39 CEST 2009

I wrote:
>     3) When is the list-creation e-mail sent to the one owner e-mail
>        address?  It appears to be done in the "newlist" code, but
>        at that time, I have not yet run the "config_list" command
>        that resets the parameters.  When I ran my test, was I lucky
>        that by the time that the list-creation mail had been sent
>        to Postfix, the "config_list" command had finished re-populating
>        the owner field?

And Mark Sapiro replied:

>bin/newlist "sent" the mail to the specified owner address before it
>returned. Here's what happens in detail:
>1) bin/newlist creates the mail with LIST-owner at ... as the recipient
>and queues it in the virgin queue. This is it's last act before
>2) VirginRunner picks up the queue entry processes it and puts it in
>the out queue.
>3) OutgoingRunner picks up the entry from the out queue and delivers it
>to the MTA with RCPT TO LIST-owner at ...
>4) The MTA pipes the message to the wrapper which calls the
>scripts/owner script to queue the message "toowner" in the in queue.
>5) IncomingRunner picks up the entry from the in queue, locks the list,
>builds the recipient list from the list's owner attribute, queues the
>message in the out queue and unlocks the list.
>6) OutgoingRunner picks up the message and delivers it to the MTA with
>RCPT TO commands for the recipient list built in step 5.
>So if your config_list runs and gets the list lock before
>IncomingRunner gets it at step 5, the mail goes to your config_list
>owners. Otherwise it will be sent to LIST-owner and we are back to
>step 4.
>This is a loop. Loops of normal list posts are detected because Mailman
>adds an X-BeenThere: header to outgoing posts and detects it in an
>incoming post to detect a loop. In this case, we don't detect loops of
>the -owner email. There is no protection against this loop and it
>continues until sooner or later config_list or something changes the
>owner attribute to break the loop.
>I'm not actually clear if the initial owner you set with newlist was
>that list's -owner address, but if it was, you might be able to tell
>from your mail logs if the mail looped more than once. I actually
>think it probably didn't, because the expected delays in the runners
>waking up at steps 2, 3 and 5 total over 1 second, and the shell
>script should get to the next line way before that.
>On the other hand, if this config_list is not going to run immediately,
>I think there may be nothing to break the loop which is a problem.
>Also, I think I need to do something to detect and break this loop.
>>I know that there has been talk in the past weeks about list-creation
>>templates.  I would like to be able to specify multiple e-mail
>>addresses at the list-creation prompt so that all of the list owners
>>would get the mail.  I do not want to rely on specifying one list owner
>>and then insuring that he or she forwards a copy to the other
>The list creation templates are a Mailman 3 feature. At this point,
>it's up to Barry W. to speak to that.
>One thing you might consider is using the --quiet newlist option when
>you create the list and then have your script send a notice to
>LIST-owner after config_list runs.

Is there a chance of being able to specify more than one e-mail address
for the list owner with the


command?  That is all I really need.
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