[Mailman-Users] Site password not functioning

Rob pennguin at mac.com
Fri Apr 2 00:14:18 CEST 2010


Thanks, I get Mailman posts as a digest so I hadn't yet received the other reply. 

I tried quitting the browser and restarting several times, and also deleted cookies manually, but the problem persists. I will do some more digging and let you know what I come up with.

Thanks again.

-Rob McLear

On Apr 1, 2010, at 4:20 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Rob wrote:
>> Thanks. I have not recently upgraded or changed Mailman, though there was a recent Apple security update, and I'm not sure if it could have included a Mailman upgrade within it. The apparently huge number of expired addresses which bounced to the -owner address today suggests (based on my understanding of the wiki article you referenced) that there must have been an upgrade included. 
> According to the reply at
> <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2010-April/069199.html>,
> there was.
>> I added ALLOW_SITE_ADMIN_COOKIES = Yes to mm_cfg.py and restarted mailman, but the behavior persists, or else I am not understanding the new behavior of the site admin password. Essentially I use the site admin password to quickly traverse multiple list config options without having to enter the list password for each list, delete users from multiple lists, or change their passwords for them. 
> Did you stop and restart your browser or clear the relevant cookies
> from the browser? (an admin logout should suffice).
> If ALLOW_SITE_ADMIN_COOKIES = No (the default), when you authenticate
> with the site password, you get a cookie that says you are
> authenticated as the list admin, not as the site admin. Thus, you
> can't do global actions on the user options page and you can't go to
> another list's admin pages without logging in there.
> If ALLOW_SITE_ADMIN_COOKIES = Yes and you are authenticated as the site
> admin and you still can't list a users other subscriptions, I think
> this must be an Apple specific feature/bug.
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