[Mailman-Users] reply-to options

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Apr 3 06:58:43 CEST 2010

John writes:

 > So here it is.  List members desire to be able to "reply-to" the
 > list when answering a post by clicking their email client's "reply"
 > button but at the same time see the original posters "from" address
 > in the post.

It would help if you explained precisely what you tried, and what the
users are seeing that is inappropriate.  You don't say whether any of
the methods you tried allowed the users to reply to list as desired or

My only guess is that the real problem is that your users are using
one of the Outlook family of (broken, non-conforming) MUAs, which
helpfully stuff the contents of the (real) "Sender" header field into
the (displayed) "From" line.  There's a FAQ about that.

IOW, the inappropriate header display quite possibly has everything to
do with users' software, and nothing to do with the Reply-To setting.

 > I have tried all types of configuration of the General Options
 > "Reply-To: header mugging" but to no avail.  Can a "from" and
 > "reply-to" both be in the header?

Yes.  That is exactly why the Reply-To header was designed: so that
the apparent author can be different from the mailbox to which replies
are directed.  It all works quite well[1] ... if you don't use
Microsoft software.  Not much you can do about what your users use,
but there you go.

[1]  There are undesirable aspects to it; if you hang out on Mailman
lists much you'll find that most of us don't like it very much.  But
doing without it is hard in environments where most of your users use
poorly designed, poorly implemented, and unfixable-because-proprietary
software.  Gmail isn't much better than Outlook. :-)

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