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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Apr 4 03:48:19 CEST 2010

On 4/3/2010 6:12 PM, John wrote:
> I want to thank Mark and Steven for their reply's.  Steven I do
> believe this may be an Outlook issue, but to clear up my post for
> Mark here's further explanation.  I currently have reply_goes_to "the
> list" and strip_reply_to set to "no".  With this setting both the
> non-digest and digest show "from" as the list not the original sender
> (in Outlook or MS mail, don't know about others).

Digest's are a whole different story.  The digest contains messages from
perhaps several posters (a digest with a single post is normally a rare
exception). The digest is not From: any of them. it is a message from
the list containing those several posts. The Reply-To: munging that is
configured for a list has no effect on digests. It only affects
individual messages.

> With this setting
> member replies to the post by selecting either "reply" or "reply all"
> will direct a response back to the list which members like because
> they do not have to copy/paste the list address in the "to" field.
> However, members would also like to see the original poster's email
> address also in the header.  Now I understand I can set reply_goes_to
> to "poster" and the original poster's address will show as "from"

Not in a digest.

> if members simply hit "reply" the response goes to the poster and not
> the list.  Members must cut the posters address and paste the list's
> in the "to" or "cc" field.  This seems to be what Steven and Mark
> have done with the cc field.

Actually, the mailman-users list does not mung Reply-To: and Stephen and
I just "reply-all".

> Now, is there a configuration of the
> reply_goes_to and strip_reply_to fields on the General Options that
> will give list members the best of both worlds?

Digests will always be From: the list-request address with Reply-To: the
list posting address and Sender: the list-bounces address. That's the
way digest's work. A list member can select the MIME format digest, and
then the digest will be a MIME multipart/digest message, and the
individual messages will be message/rfc822 parts within the multipart
digest, and depending on the user's MUA (mail client), the user may be
able to open an individual message from the digest and reply to it just
as if it had been received as an individual message from the list. This
individual message will be From: the poster and with your settings above
will have Reply-To: containing the poster's original if any plus the
list posting address.

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