[Mailman-Users] public and private messages in the same archive?

Jack Bates ms419 at freezone.co.uk
Tue Apr 6 00:13:23 CEST 2010

How can I make some messages in a Mailman list archive public, and
others private? or what is the closest I can get to this behaviour?

I'm setting up mailman at my housing coop, http://campcoop.com/

We're a small group and historically we've no tradition of online
communication - so I wanna keep any friction or overhead to a minimum

There are many benefits to working in the open and having public list
archives - I'd like to encourage this

- but there are some messages which, for good reason, members don't want
publicly archived

To minimize friction, I don't want to confuse members with membership in
two mailing lists: one with public archives and one with private

Is there any way to make some messages public and others private, in the
same list archive?

It's OK for all messages' subjects to be public in the archive index, so
long as following the link to view private messages requires a password

One thought was to make <list-name>-private at campcoop.com an alias of
<list-name>@campcoop.com, then have a cron job periodically crawl the
archive and regenerate .htaccess files to require passwords to access
any messages sent to <list-name>-private at campcoop.com

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