[Mailman-Users] Relay recipient not found.

Peter Clark clarkp at mtmary.edu
Thu Apr 15 17:50:40 CEST 2010


I apologize if this is trivial but I am not sure how really ask this 
question and as such I am struggling to google for an answer. I used to 
have one mail server (in/out bound smtp and imap). I now have an inbound 
AV/Spam gateway, an imap server (with postfix doing local delivery via 
lmtp) and an outbound smtp server, for a total of 3 boxes. My instance 
of mailman is currently installed on the outbound smtp server (maybe 
this location was a mistake). My problem is that people send to the 
"staff" list and that leaves the out-smtp, hits the AV/Spam gateway and 
dies due to "staff" not being a real address (relay_recipient not found).

I am not sure if I need to devise a way that the gateway expands the 
mailman aliases during relay-recipient checks or if I need to try to get 
the "staff" alias to send to the actual addresses on the outbound side.

I have myself a bit confused by this so again, I am sorry that my 
question is not very clear.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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