[Mailman-Users] sending a newsletter in HTML code format?

Dawn Gangi dawn at etoilestudio.com
Sat Apr 17 20:39:25 CEST 2010

When using mailman to send out a newsletter how does one submit the
newletter in HTML code format to be mailed: do you upload the file in HTML
code format from directly within mailman and if so I can't find where and
how to do this??  I was told that I should send the file in HTML code format
from my outlook e-mail to an administrator e-mail that we had assigned and
then I go into mailman and accept it. The only problem is that if I send it
form outlook in html code format how does the file get uploaded to not
display the codes?? Thx, Dawn


Dawn M. Gangi, M.D.



Etoile Cosmetic Medicine Studio

6 East Main Street

Mendham, NJ 07869




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