[Mailman-Users] Problem with inappropriate breaks in messages

Chris Malme cim2009 at malme.co.uk
Wed Apr 21 14:38:30 CEST 2010

Based on the comments received here, I have gone back and had another look
at this, and discovered I was wrong on a number of important issues.
Apologies for this, but I am (obviously) new to Mailman, and didn't
completely realise what I was seeing, the first time.

This time, having looked at the actual mbox file held in the Archive folder,
I can see that incidents of "\nFrom " in the message body of new messages
have been received correctly escaped by a ">"; and the mbox file clearly has
them marked as >From_ lines. So that is all good.

However, the Pipermail Archive does consistently split messages whenever a
message-body "\nFrom " occurs, as I described earlier, with the second part
being attributed to "bogus at does.not.exist.com".

I've found that if I then run arch on the list (using the mbox file) the
Archive is created correctly, without this splitting, although any
subsequent messages with a message-body "\nFrom " cause further split messages.

So it looks like my problem is with the dynamic creation of the Pipermail
Archive, rather than the generation from the mbox file. I haven't yet pinned
down what script/process is responsible for this.

This suggests a perfectly acceptable "quick fix" of a daily cron job running
Arch on the list, but I will look into this further when I get time.

Many thanks for your help, which pointed me in the right direction.


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