[Mailman-Users] Cannot set digest mode via URL

W. Curtis Preston curtis at backupcentral.com
Fri Aug 27 05:15:57 CEST 2010

Hello all.  I'm a long time Mailman user, and am the person behind the
Mailman/Joomla bridge mentioned in this Wiki article:

The "bridge" is a PHP script that runs inside my CMS (Joomla) that figures
out the user's name and email address, gets the list of mailing lists, and
then subscribes them to the mailing list(s) they specify, including setting
them to digest mode if they ask.

I do this by using the URL interface to Joomla and then doing a
FALSE")" in PHP to execute the URL with the appropriate admin password.  For
example, to subscribe someone I use the following URL:


This works fine (has for a few years now), and we actually documented
several of these URLs here:

The one I'm having a problem with is the one to set someone to digest mode.
First you have to subscribe them, then you would issue the following URL:


This has also worked for a few years, but I just found out that it isn't
working.  I can set someone to digest mode by manually accessing that same
page, but the URL no longer does the job.  When I issue the URL manually in
my browser, instead of setting the user to digest mode and returning me to
the screen with the user on it, it returns me to the /members page,
displaying a list of users. Thinking maybe Mailman wants an option that I'm
not setting, I even made a longer list of every option that is on the page,
and that didn't work:


I am running the Cpanel version of Mailman, version 2.1.3, which I'm
surprised to learn is actually more recent than the version running this
mailing list (2.1.2)!

Any idea of what's going wrong or  how I can troubleshoot this thing?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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