[Mailman-Users] Ban_list

Ricardo Ruivo rruivo at dei.uc.pt
Tue Aug 31 17:10:16 CEST 2010

Dear all,
   there is any option to notify, by email, the user when he attempts to
subscibe and list and his email bellow to ban_list?

    Another question. It is possible to configure the following message
(thats appers when a ban_list users attens to subscribe by web interface
that mailling list)

so Subscription results
The email address you supplied is banned from this mailing list. If you
think this restriction is erroneous, please contact the list owners at

    Thanks in advanced.

Ricardo Ruivo
System Administrator

SIC - Serviço de Informática e Comunicações
Department of Informatics Engineering
Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Coimbra | Portugal

My PGP Public Key is available at:

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