[Mailman-Users] pending request email unreadable

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt at charite.de
Wed Dec 1 16:41:12 CET 2010

* Guillaume Chartrand <guillaume.chartrand at Collanaud.Qc.Ca>:
> Hi, I receive some pending request for a list who I'm the administrator and moderator and in the message body on the web interface is unreadable, it's just something like that
> Sm9saSBib25uZXQgZGUgbGFpbmUgbGFpc3PDqSBwb3VyIG1vcnQgYXUgZGVybmllciBJbnRlckNB
> Q0Ugw6AgQ2hpY291dGltaS4gSWwgZXN0IGJydW4gZXQgYmVpZ2UgYXZlYyBkZXMgb3JlaWxsZXMg
> Z2Vsw6kgZGVzIG9yZWlsbGVzIGxlIHdlZWstZW5kIGRlcm5pZXI/Pz8/DQoNCk1hbm9uIExhcGll
> J2Vudmlyb25uZW1lbnQNCmNvbnNlaWwgZGUgdmllIMOpdHVkaWFudGUNCkPDqWdlcCBkZSBjaGlj

That's encoded text.
> But if I approved this message it's send in readable format for all the
> user list. Why this can happens? I can't verify if it's appropriate
> content and I need to approve it to see it, it's not useful.

Usually you get a copy in your email; that one should be readable.

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