[Mailman-Users] Removing Illegal address from config.db?

Scott Thomson scott.e.thomson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 18:10:32 CET 2010

Hey Folks,

Somehow an address is present in my config.db file for one of my lists that
is two email addresses mated into the same entry (ie "user1 at domain1.comuser2
@domain2.com").  The entry doesn't show up in the membership list nor does
it show up if you list_members for the list.  I only know its there because
one of my cron jobs turns it up, I was only able to manually find it by
greping some of the config files till I turned up a match.  I can't remove
it from the command line as the command line tools don't recognize it as a
member, nor can I remove it using the mass unsubscribe option from the admin
page for the same reason.

We're on Mailman 2.1.9, we've been using mailman for a long time, so its
very likely that the bad address was created in a previous version and
carried over.

So, I'm not sure what my best option is, there are only 38 members of the
list, are we better off recreating the list or is there a way to recreate
the subscriber list easily?  We also have searchable HTdig archives, so
recreating the list includes recreating that archive as well.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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