[Mailman-Users] Help in understanding Mailman setup

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Dec 2 16:45:50 CET 2010

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>First my system is Fedora 12 with Postfix and an SQL database for the 
>users, virtual domains, forwarders, and transport.  See:  
>So I installed Mailman, ran the script to set its password, then the 
>modified the config file to support virtual host 
>(http:/mailman.domain.com/mailman) and postfix.  After this, I could run 
>the script that created the mailman list that then prints a bunch of 
>entries to add to /etc/aliases.  I am having major problems with these 
>aliases.  I don't know how to put commands in the SQL database (perhaps 
>it SHOULD work with the forwarder table) and the SQL virtual domain 
>setup is NOT working with what Mailman is expecting and these aliases 
>commands.  So that is one problem I am not figuring out.

See below.

>But I went and created a second list via the http://...../mailman/create 
>URL.  Where is the information about this list kept?  I can't find it.  
>No changes were made to /etc/aliases for this new list.  Perhaps if I 
>saw what a web created list needed I might figure out a way to get 
>things integrated.

All of a list's configuration and membership date is in Mailman's
lists/LISTNAME/ directory in a Python pickle file named config.pck.
You should see both a mailman/ directory and a <second_listname>/
directory, ewch containing config.pck, config.pck.last and possibly a
few other files.

You may be thinking that the 'mailman' list data is in the file
data/sitelist.cfg. That is not the case. The data/sitelist.cfg is a
suggestion intended to be used as input to config_list for the site
list because normal defaults may not be appropriate for the site list.

  bin/config_list -i data/sitelist.cfg mailman

>I have asked over on the postfix list if anyone there is running Postfix 
>with SQL and mailman and so far only one person has piped up siging the 
>praises of Postfix with the SQL backend, but nothing on Mailman.  So I 
>need a bit of help here...

Mailman's aliases must be processed by Postfix's local delivery module.
If you are dealing with them manually, they can be put in
/etc/aliases, or Mailman/Postfix can be configured to generate them
automatically. However, this assumes that the delivery module for the
domain is Postfix local delivery. If you have put something in main.cf
that uses some other delivery for the mailman.domain.com domain. In
that case, you may find the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/ZoCj> of

If you need further help, please post the output of 'postconf -n', the
relevant parts of main.cf and the delivery status message from the
Postfix log or the received DSN when you attempt to mail to a list

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