[Mailman-Users] Setting an Address Enclosed in Apostrophes

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Dec 2 18:11:16 CET 2010

Barry Finkel wrote:

>I have a script that I use to add an address to
>     accept_these_nonmembers
>It uses
>     "mlist.accept_these_nonmembers.append('$1')"
>Is there a way I can invoke this C-shell script so that
>the address is surrounded by apostrophes?  I want the resulting
>address to be
>     'user at example.com'
>I tried invoking my script
>      ..... 'user at example.com'
>but that did not preserve the apostrophes.  I am not sure if this
>is a C-shell question, or a Mailman-python question, or both.

You could try invoking your script as

      ..... \\\'user at example.com\\\'

This will cause $1 to be \'user at example.com\' and
mlist.accept_these_nonmembers.append('\'user at example.com\'') should do
what you want.

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