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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Dec 8 18:06:28 CET 2010

Schwartz, Robert - IS wrote:

>How can I add an unsubscribe request to the bottom of all emails sent out?  Example:  "To unsubscribe select this link"

Without modifying code or creating your own CGI, PHP, etc. process to
do the unsubscribe, you can't have a one-click unsubscribe that
doesn't require confirmation.

What this list and others do is something like the following which
takes you to a page with an unsubscribe button which requires
confirmation by email or login to unsubscribe without confirmation.

>Unsubscribe: http://mail.python.org/mailman/options/mailman-users/user%40example.com

The above is created with the text

Unsubscribe: %(user_optionsurl)s

in msg_footer. You could make this, e.g..


to do the equivalent of clicking the Unsubscribe button on the options
login page by putting

Unsubscribe: %(user_optionsurl)s?login-unsub=Unsubscribe

in msg_footer.

Either of the above require the list to be personalized in order to
work, and they can't be used with digest_footer because digests aren't

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