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Thanks mark, 

I did that and it still does it.  looking at the config shows it as 0 as well. I even restarted mailman. that's what has me baffled.  see output of config_list attached.  is there another setting I need to change?



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Roger D. Leonard wrote:
>I recently set up a mailman server for internal use and as list owner I am getting confirmation emails for every posting even though I set DEFAULT_GENERIC_NONMEMBER_ACTION = 0 in all the lists and restarted mailman.

DEFAULT_GENERIC_NONMEMBER_ACTION is the default setting for newly
created lists. Changing it has no effect on any existing list.

Go to the web admin interface Privacy options... -> Sender filters and
set generic_nonmember_action to Accept or use bin/config_list to set

generic_nonmember_action = 0

for the list.

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