[Mailman-Users] Stripping sig files

bruce clark bruceclark at icon.co.za
Thu Dec 16 15:24:42 CET 2010


I've looked at the FAQ but because I put the 'new' in newbie, I don't  
really understand the subtleties.

My problem: the users on my lists are waging a low-level war with  
their sig files. I do not allow commercial posting so they have  
started creating sig files with their commercial messages inside them.

This is creating a lot of 'heat' and wasting a huge amount of my time  
as I try and deal with users. I've gone into content filtering and  
listed the mime types of images to be filtered, but there is still  
text in the sig files that I would like to delete before the mail  
reaches the list.

Is there a way to strip entire sig files?

My FAQ reading mentions something about procmail (which I don't really  
understand). Should I be teaching myself something about procmail, or  
should I be putting my energy somewhere else? I guess I would somehow  
need to intercept the mail between the sender and the receiver and  
somehow 'fix' it?

Please, can anyone shed any light? I'm a writer and not an admin so  
speak slowly :)

(and don't suggest that I go around to the offenders' houses and beat  
them up - because I've thought of that already)


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