[Mailman-Users] Duplicate Emails to Members of Two Lists

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Dec 21 22:41:22 CET 2010

David Cunningham wrote:
>For example, joe at test.com is on lists test1 at lists.test.com and  
>test2 at lists.test.com.  Dan at test.com sends an email to both  
>test1 at lists.test.com and test2 at lists.test.com.  So, joe at test.com get's  
>two copies of the same email, one from each list.
>I know that the "nodupes" feature is only designed to stop duplicates  
>in the event that a user is specifically defined in the email.  For  
>example, it works great when dan at test.com sends an email to  
>test1 at lists.test.com and CCs joe at test.com directly.  Joe at test.com only  
>gets one copy.
>But, I have users insisting that before I upgrade to the latest  
>version of Mailman, this also worked when users were on multiple lists.

The nodupes feature works as you understand. It has never worked to
avoid duplicate copies of cross-posted messages.

Possibly there was some modification in the prior Mailman version that
did this duplicate avoidance and was removed by the upgrade.

Possibly you were using the regular_exclude_lists feature (under
Non-digest options in the web admin interface) to avoid multiple
copies of cross posts and some how in the process of upgrading this
setting was changed.

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