[Mailman-Users] duplication question

Mark Prewitt mprewitt at teris.com
Wed Dec 29 22:03:30 CET 2010

Good Day,
 I am having an issue which I need to figure out.  One of the issues we are
struggling with as we use Mailman to handle some internal traffic lists for
our company is that we have some people with more than 1 email account.
When some employees are sent an email and the list is cc'd, they are getting
2 copies of the email.  Even though both the TO and the list subscription
email account are the same.  So if I send an email to 'joe at teris.com' and he
is on the 'list at teris.com' and it is also on either the to or cc line, Joe
will get 2 copies of the email.  Even though we have nodupe turned on.
We are running version 2.1.13 on a n OSX 10.6.x server with the patch for
deduping against other mailing lists active.

I am confused as to why he is getting two emails as I thought the whole
point of the nodupes was to prevent anyone on the to/cc from getting a copy
of the email if a list they were on was also in the to/cc.
Is there a setting that I am missing somewhere? Or is this normal behavior?


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