[Mailman-Users] duplication question

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Dec 30 01:47:34 CET 2010

Mark Prewitt wrote:

> I am having an issue which I need to figure out.  One of the issues we are
>struggling with as we use Mailman to handle some internal traffic lists for
>our company is that we have some people with more than 1 email account.

Is this relevant? See below.

>When some employees are sent an email and the list is cc'd, they are getting
>2 copies of the email.  Even though both the TO and the list subscription
>email account are the same.  So if I send an email to 'joe at teris.com' and he
>is on the 'list at teris.com' and it is also on either the to or cc line, Joe
>will get 2 copies of the email.  Even though we have nodupe turned on.

The setting "Do not send a copy of a member's own post" on the General
Options page under new_member_options is only a default for new list
members. The actual setting is a per user checkbox in the "nodupes"
column in the Membership Management -> Membership List page(s).

>We are running version 2.1.13 on a n OSX 10.6.x server with the patch for
>deduping against other mailing lists active.

What patch is this?

Are you running 2.1.13 from source or an Apple OS X Server package?

>I am confused as to why he is getting two emails as I thought the whole
>point of the nodupes was to prevent anyone on the to/cc from getting a copy
>of the email if a list they were on was also in the to/cc.

Correct. That is the point.

>Is there a setting that I am missing somewhere? Or is this normal behavior?

Perhaps you are missing the individual member "nodupes" settings? If
not, perhaps your "more than 1 email account" comment is relevant in
that if the address in To: or Cc: is not exactly the same (except for
case) as the member's subscribed address, Mailman will not see this as
a duplicate.

If neither of the above is the answer, perhaps it has something to do
with "the patch for deduping against other mailing lists" unless by
that you mean the regular_exclude_lists feature.

Or, if this is Apple's package, perhaps it is an Apple bug.

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