[Mailman-Users] Bug: couldn't subscribe to dev list by simply replying

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Mon Feb 1 13:42:18 CET 2010


Figured this would be the best place to report this.

I just tried again to subscribe to the developers list and discovered that 
you couldn't confirm your subscription just by replying.

The message text implies that the confirmation key should be in the 
subject, but the confirmation key was in the From address of the 
confirmation message (see below).  Replying simply send me a message 
telling me that the subject line was being ignored.  It seems the confirm 
code was also ignored.

Not sure how it's meant to work but it's the first time I've had to resort 
to clicking on the URL.

Oh and I notice that this is Mailman 2.1.12. :)


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 13:04:18 +0100
     mailman-developers-confirm+519716b18b6d4ddef39fd87d0e5abdf8c5ced755 at python.o
To: geoff at quitelikely.com
Subject: Your confirmation is required to join the Mailman-Developers mailing

Mailing list subscription confirmation notice for mailing list

We have received a request from geoff at quitelikely.com for subscription
of your email address, "geoff at quitelikely.com", to the
mailman-developers at python.org mailing list.  To confirm that you want
to be added to this mailing list, simply reply to this message,
keeping the Subject: header intact.  Or visit this web page:


Or include the following line -- and only the following line -- in a
message to mailman-developers-request at python.org:

     confirm 519716b18b6d4ddef39fd87d0e5abdf8c5ced755

Note that simply sending a `reply' to this message should work from
most mail readers, since that usually leaves the Subject: line in the
right form (additional "Re:" text in the Subject: is okay).

If you do not wish to be subscribed to this list, please simply
disregard this message.  If you think you are being maliciously
subscribed to the list, or have any other questions, send them to
mailman-developers-owner at python.org.

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